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Training and instruction increase the user safety and decrease the risk of unnecessary mistakes. Increased knowledge also gives better understanding of what this machine really can do and that you can do so much more with it than ”just going up and down”.

Before use, we recommend that you have basic knowledge and understanding of what it means to get up on an altitude, down into a cave or to winch material.


Mr Ronin wants to point out 4 important points which you should understand before you start:

  • Ropes – the differences between sports climbing ropes and professional climbing ropes.
  • Ropes – which types of ropes that may be used (EN1891 / EN564).
  • Ropes – the different behaviours of different ropes in the ascender, at different strains.
  • Anchor points – How to secure your rope and what is durable enough for what you plan to do.
  • Understanding of the function and the limitations of the Ascender.



  • Basic Course – Power Ascender
  • Telecom
  • Wind power
  • Rigging – lifting material
  • Closed spaces – Work and Rescue with Tripod
  • Rescuing of a person in distress
  • Rescuing operations – Advanced level
  • Lowering and Winching of disabled persons – Action Sports
  • Mr Ronin Tactical


All trainings have the same base. They follow the same laws and principles based on common standards and safety philosophy. What differ them are the specific requirements of the customer – your requirements! 

The name of the course indicates the emphasis and the content of the parts that are trained. If you require anything that is relevant to your special demands please explain this in connection with your application.

We do anything to understand the unique requirements of you and your colleagues. Because of many years of experience, we are really good at working smart and taking help from modern solutions available on the market. Ronin Power Ascender is one of these solutions and through making use of the power that is contained in this small engine, heavy work becomes simple.



  • Material lifting – This can be sound or light rigging for those who build stages. At the same time, it can be heavy expensive camera equipment which must be lifted up on a steep hillside for a TV report or news broadcast or the shooting of a film.
  • Rescue in emergency situations where an injured person must be lowered or lifted. There are similarities in lowering and winching of people with impairments. Perhaps you run a high-altitude track and are sometimes visited by persons with limited ability to move? Do you love nature but have an injury which limits you in visiting certain places? We are happy to train you, with the help of a Ronin ascender, to lift others or yourself to those places. There are ways of lifting persons in wheel chairs, sitting baskets and stretchers similar to chairs.

We see no limitations – only possibilities and awesome challenges!

Contact us.