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Reach new heights with Ronin MR400

Ronin MR400, (Multiple Ropes 400 lbs), is a battery powered PA which makes the climbing easier for you or your group. Get further in shorter time regardless of physical condition. Less hard work for you with heavy equipment.

MR Ronin’s slogan – Easy access – is a promise of accessibility. Your accessibility!

A Power Ascender for everyone!


Get one each and get the job done quicker


Lifts 400 lb (181 kg) and weighs only 11 kg (including battery). A machine that, from the price point of view, revolutionizes the market for battery-powered power ascenders and so creates increased...

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5 April, 2021


Many users have several batteries on site while working intensively with their Ronin Ascenders.
An organized organization at the charger station, a good memory, and a stack full of useful stickers does work, but Mr Ronin always want to make things easier and better for their professional users.

From now on, all batteries from Mr Ronin will be delivered with manual Battery Charge Indicators!

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To use a Power Ascender you need competence regarding risks with work on altitudes, climbing and work ropes, classifications as well as knowledge of approved anchor points. Safety is always first!

Mr Ronin offers customized trainings for your operation. Everything from a basic course to increased and more trade specific trainings. It is all about you!

The more you know, the more you will be able to get out of your MR400. Discover increased fields of application, joy and creativity. With knowledge and MR400 you will be sure to get near-life-experiences!

Get in touch and consult with us.

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To a certain extent, Mr Ronin can offer interactive courses.

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