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Service & Upgrades


Annual inspections and services can often raise concern, but Mr Ronin makes it easy for you.

A fixed price:

Only 550 Euro for a complete service. This applies for ascenders purchased from Mr Ronin or Mr Ronin’s retailers and partners.

The service includes cleaning, functional control and exchange of worn parts inside the machine. A Ronin ascender is very hard-wearing and has a well thought-out construction and function. Because of that the costs of service and spare parts are low compared to similar machines on the market.

Please note that ascenders not acquired from Mr Ronin or any of our retailers/partners is excluded from this service price.

You arrange the transport yourselves.

Let us avoid unnecessary transport damages. For the guarantees of the ascender to continue to apply, the machine must be sent in its original box packed in the foam in which it was supplied, alternatively in the Hard Case which usually belongs to the ascender.


We contact you 11 months after purchase and give you a little ”heads up” before possible service, so that you will be able to plan your business with regard to the service period. We estimate the transport to take 2-4 days one way, depending on the location of your business.

We carry out the service immediately after arrival and probably the service will take no more than a day.


We work with continual improvements – and your thoughts are important!

Users of our products sometimes contact us with suggestions regarding improvements and interesting ideas for future models. Mr Ronin has a keen ear and takes in what is said. Please share your experiences and your thoughts. –


News regarding upgrades you will find under NEWS.